Distance learning

Materials of lectures, laboratory and practical classes

Discipline / Credit moduleLecturesLaboratory / Practical

Telemedicine and computer networks
1. Tutorial. Computer networks, 2013
2. Computer Network. Lecture Notes, 2011
1. Methodical instructions for laboratory work, 2016
2. Software: Packet Tracer 5.3.3 (no tutorials)Packet Tracer 5.3.3 (full)
Digital circuits1. Textbook. Digital circuit lecture synopsis for studying, 2020
2. Electronic WorkBench tutorial, 2003
1. Lecture notes. Digital circuits, 2019
2. Workshop. Digital circuits, 2017
3. Software: Electronics Workbench 5.12 
Microprocessor devices1. Microprocessor devices. Lecture notes, 2017
2. Microprocessor 8086 (Second Stage), 2020
1. Methodical instructions for laboratory work, 2014
2. Workshop at Arduino UNO, 2018
3. Software: Intel 8086 processor emulatorArduino 1.8.13-windows
4. LabView 2010 software (zip): LabView p.1 of 1LabView p.1 of 2LabView p.1 of 3LabView p.1 of 4LabView p.1 of 5LabView p.1 of 6LabView p.1 of 7LabView p.1 of 8LabView p.1 of 9LabView p.1 of 10
Medical microprocessor systems1. Tutorial Instruments. Medical Applications Guide, 2007
2. Texas Instruments. Medical Applications Guide, 2010
1. Workshop on discipline for students of specialties 163 «Biomedical Engineering», 2020
2. Code Composer Studio v3.3 Platinum (zip): CCS p.1 of 6CCS p.2 of 6CCS p.3 of 6CCS ч.p of 6CCS p.5 of 2CCS p.6 of 6
3. Laboratory and practical: CCS and LabVIEW Laboratory (RTDX)