Research Projects

At the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Research Center «Cardiovascular Engineering» from 2011 to 2020, research is being conducted to improve various diagnostic methods.

  1. «Medical and engineering development of technical means of controlled thermal exposure and its control for surgical treatment of cardiovascular diseases» (№ 0111U009102);
  2. «Studies of the dynamic properties and adaptive backup systems of the human circulatory system and the distribution of their resources are used for mathematical modeling» (№ 0110U001467);
  3. «Diagnosis of the cardiovascular system of man on the basis of hemodynamic and metabolic characteristics» (№ 0113U002334);
  4. «Study of long-term heart rate monitoring data and creation of a module to ensure a stable of sleep» (№ 0113U005547);
  5. «Sequence time series and their application for analysis of EEG / ECG signals» (Grant № PIRSES-GA-2011-295164-EUMLS);
  6. «Tempus Biomedical Engineering Education Initiative in the Eastern Partnership Region» (Grant № 543904-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-GR-TEMPUS-JPGR).
  7. «The Information technology of non-invasive control the temperature of the human heart in conditions of controlled cooling and warming during cardiopulmonary bypass» (Doctoral dissertation, 2020).

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